How to choose the right equipment for your laundry?

The choice of equipment is fundamental for all laundry structures. Knowing the different types of washers and dryers will help standardize and organize operations. Self-service laundries, laundries, but also hotels, spas, nursing homes, nursing homes and hospitals all need a laundry service or laundromat. Choosing the right equipment can be a daunting task.

Some tips to help you choose the right equipment

The size of the equipment is an important consideration. Overloading a washer or dryer can damage clothes. As for underloading, it wastes water, energy and consumables.

Sourcing from suppliers offering a wide range of equipment of varying sizes is a suitable solution. On the other hand, it is also important to take into account the varying influx of customers, which does not always facilitate decision-making.

Sensor washers and dryers can help solve this problem: by measuring the laundry load and adjusting water and detergent consumption, the system can avoid the costly waste associated with underloading. The maximum loading capacity is then the best indicator for choosing the right material.

Choose the right washer and dryer for your workflow

Physical space is always a consideration no matter what your laundry business is. Washers and dryers can be bulky pieces of equipment that take up a lot of space to operate. Thus, it is important to carefully plan the workflow of your operations and then take into account the volume and dimensions of the equipment.

Stackable washers and dryers can solve both space and workflow issues, leaving more room for loading and unloading operations.

Ergonomically designed equipment can provide more optimized workflows, leaving more space for laundry organization.

Commercial laundry washers and dryers aren't just designed to fit your space; they also have ergonomic interfaces adapted to their users. Laundry businesses like best service laundromat Mississauga still require a lot of operators. Simpler, more intuitive interactions make the customer journey easier, and employees benefit from streamlined work.

Correctly dose the consumption of detergents

One of the most important factors in using detergent products is to properly combine the load of the washer with the amount of detergent needed. If the washer has only a standard detergent drawer, it is useful to refer to the skills and experience of the operators to dose the products.

If the washer is equipped with sensors, it can automatically use the correct amount of detergent to complete the cycle successfully, saving on consumables.

Evaluate the operating time of washers and dryers

As in any structure, you can increase your potential profit by reducing the consumption of resources. It is essential to carefully calculate the duration of the programs but also the consumption of water, energy and detergents, in order to choose the right equipment for your laundry business.

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