Dry cleaning Who should you trust with your laundry?

In recent years, household chore delegation services have multiplied, particularly through mobile applications. The laundry thus undergoing profound changes due to the digitization of the economy. Therefore it seems difficult to find yourself in such a nebula, and to choose a service which suits your needs and aspirations. uwearwewash meets many expectations , whether in terms of service efficiency, flexibility or respect for the environment.

The criteria for selecting a dry cleaner

There are many parameters to consider when it comes to dry cleaning / laundry . We offer several criteria to help you choose the brand that suits you or quite simply find the best dry cleaning .

What type of clothing and how much do you want to process?

You probably already know that not all clothes require the same type of wash , the same temperatures or even the same washing products. Also, caring for a single item of clothing and a bunch of clothes is not quite the same thing; on the one hand, this differentiation depends on the type of clothing that interests you (a dress will be processed individually, t-shirts or socks by the kilo). On the other hand, differentiation changes many criteria, such as taking into account the material of the garment, colors, etc. , it is important to take into account the nature of each textile before washing. You should also be aware that each brand has different offers at this level: where Wash offers different price ranges Depending on the services offered and the weight of the laundry to be taken care of, Press & Co offers services developed by item, the price of which varies according to the complexity of the garment (dress, shirt, skirt, jacket, coat and even sneakers). Also check that the laundry you choose does indeed have the range that interests you, especially when you want to entrust a delicate item of clothing . Thus, you can entrust them with all your everyday clothes regardless of the material of the fabric and find them like new in 24 or 48 hours.

Establish your laundry budget

Delegating this chore can be beneficial but it is still necessary to assess the amount that we are willing to spend to afford it. laundry Mississauga offers high-end laundry services at a lower cost. Your budget must therefore be consistent with your needs and expectations. Fer Play Services has, for example, different price ranges depending on how often their service is called: a regular can consider subscribing and therefore reducing the cost of ironing their laundry in the long term. It is up to you to know if you prefer a regular service or if your use of such services is occasional. Do not hesitate to compare the prices offered by the different dry cleaners, keeping in mind that certain aspects (technological innovation, ecological washing) can affect prices.

Take into account the accessibility and efficiency of the service

Consider whether you are willing to travel to drop off and / or pick up your laundry, or if you prefer an often free delivery service to save time and energy. In the latter case, think about how you would like to be in contact with the dry cleaners. Some will favor a brand that has developed a mobile application, others will be attentive to the existence of an order tracking. At the same time, pay attention to the opening hours of the dry cleaners and their rhythm. Wast, for example, has the particularity of opening early in the morning and late at night on weekdays while carrying out the work in 48 hours. The accessibility of the service, the ergonomics of the site and / or the application, the efficiency of the service depend greatly on your schedule and your habits.

Digitized dry cleaners and laundries

Always in action, you live at 100 miles an hour and regret that the days are only 24 hours? If you don't have time to drop your clothes off in your dry cleaning, the dry cleaning will come to you! The home service collects and delivers your detached and ironed textiles directly to your doorstep. Stop looking for the best dry cleaners in Paris 9 or Paris 15 and the other Parisian districts. Adopt home dry cleaning in Paris for clean laundry in 1 click with Hublo ecological Parisian dry cleaners . Thanks to this innovative concept, the cleaning professionals travel around the capital by tricycle bike to make you forget the drudgery of the washing machine and the endless wait at the local laundromat.

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