Frecently Ask Questions

Its my first time using U Wear We Wash Service what do I do?

First timers should have their laundry ready and when we come to pick up we will give you our bags to put your clothes in. When your laundry is returned it will be in a clean new bag that you can keep for the next time you use the service. 

What kind of soap do you use?

We use H.E. soap; tide, armnhammer and gain for regular laundry that is free of charge and included in the price. We also use woolite dark used for your black and dark loads to help keep the black colours rich & sensitive skin soaps (seventh generation Tide pods free and gentle soap) as an add-on for $1.99.
Will my laundry be washed with other people's laundry?

No, not to worry every clients' laundry will be washed separately in their own machines and never combined.

What if I need more than One bag a week?

Feel free to call us and set up an appointment that meets your needs.

How long will it take for me to get my laundry back?

Once we pick up your laundry it will be delivered back to you the next day. We will call and confirm a delivery time that is convenient for you.
What if I need my laundry back sooner?

We do offer same day service when that can be accommodated for an extra $5.99.

What if I no longer want to use the services?

If you would no longer like to use our services or would like to cancel a recurring plan you have with us no problem! Just give us a call and let us know, canceling is hassle free and easy.